Teen Witch 1989
Now before you think I have lost my flippin mind, let me go thru the teen movie checklist to prove why this is a perfect example of a 1980s teen movie.
1. Ugly unpopular girl who isn’t at all ugly? Check
2. Parents who just don’t get “it”? Check
3. One once famous parent whose previous work ties into the overall theme? Check (Dick Sargent played one of the Darrens on Bewitched and this is a movie about a witch!! Get it?!?)
4. Annoying sibling? Check
5. Best friend who is as ugly and unpopular as the lead, therefore she will resent the eminent transformation and popularity of said lead? Check
6. Hunky love interest who, even tho this is High School, looks old enough to be the lead’s dad? Check
7. Random musical dance numbers in the girls locker room and elsewhere? Check
8. White boys who rap? Check
9. Wise and funny mentor who once saved Carol Anne from a TV set? Check ( Okay, so this isn’t a common 80s movie cliche, but I love Zelda Rubinstien)
10. Our heroine does something obscure to prove that she can still be popular and have afore mentioned hunky guys love without the use of magic? CHECK!!!

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